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  • Make sure the costume is comfortable. You'll be trick or treating/going to a party in it, so make sure you are able to walk around in it.
  • Don't be afraid to start early! There's nothing wrong with thinking of a costume in September.
  • Halloween costumes do not usually come with shoes, socks, and tights, so you'll have to find your own for these items.
  • If your boyfriend/girlfriend is willing, coordinating your costumes can be a fun option. You can match (for example, both being pirates, vampires, and so on), or you can contrast (for example, an angel and a devil, or other opposites).
  • Make sure to check what the weather is going to be like on the night of Halloween.
  • Add on to your costume, like wearing a candy corn bracelet if you are a candy corn witch.
  • Be something that no one would think of if possible; at the very least, don't do what your friends are doing just because you can't think of something else. Above are just some of the many ideas you can use.
  • You are invited to a Halloween party - consider the guest list (children, adults, teens) and if it is a themed party (latest events, historical) before choosing your costume.
  • Make up, masks, wigs and other Halloween accessories (jewelry, shoes, gloves) - use them as far as your costume allows you or obliges you. Do everything possible and even the impossible to stand out in the crowd of costumes with your unique and great adult or couple Halloween.